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Best Rental Prices in Antalya

 If you’re thinking of traveling to Antalya, you should know that you’ll need to hire a car to properly see the area. Many of the resorts, cafes and modern conveniences are located away from ancient temples and other places of interest. In order to help tourists experience all that Antalya has to offer, the region has been striped with well-built streets. The weather in Antalya is pleasant for most of the year, making driving from one area to another easy.

Finding the Best Rates

If you’re like most travelers, you’re probably concerned with finding the best rates possible when you travel. The internet is a great place to start. Price out rentals at several agencies that are near your destination. From there, you can start haggling with car hires, asking one to beat the other’s best price. You’ll be surprised how agreeable car hires in Antalya are to bargaining.

Remember that the car rental price isn’t the only cost you’ll incur when renting a car in Antalya. You’ll also need excess insurance. This can be extremely costly and rates vary greatly from one car hire company to another. Fortunately, you can get a better deal on excess insurance by simply purchasing private insurance prior to your trip.

Discounts If you belong to a travel club, you may be eligible for a discount. Booking online and choosing an off-peak day to pick up and return your vehicle are other ways you can save money. When making your reservation, ask the car hire if they offer additional discounts. You may be surprised to find how many discounts are available for the taking.

Go Further Away to Rent

Finally, you can really save money and get the best rental prices in Antalya by simply going further away from the airport.  are convenient when located at the airport, but by traveling just a little ways away to pick up your car, you can save a lot of money. Look online and compare rates between car hires at the airport and just a couple miles away and you’ll be shocked at the price difference.

By shopping around, taking advantage of discounts and traveling further from the airport to rent your vehicle, you can get a better deal on a car hire. There are many factors that go into car hire rates and finding the best rate requires you to do a little bit of hunting. No single car hire company is consistently the cheapest, so shop around a little before your trip and save some money when you reach the ground.

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