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What to Do in Case of a Car Accident
1) First you should take a photograph of the scene and shape. 
2) You must attach the minutes of the accident. 
3) Accident statement in the minutes should show maximum effort to coincide with the events of the moment. 
4) Double-sided against the party's accident 
     Photocopy license 
     Photocopy of driver's license 
     Insurance copy must always be 
5) If the other party to be defective must be declared with certainty that the minutes be incorrect. 
6) Alcohol should receive the report. 
7) Work In cases where these documents are not provided insurance Please note that fall outside the scope


What you should pay attention to
1) 90% of traffic fines in Turkey 's e-mail to the address of the rear post and subsequent Please note that. 
2) Do not park park strictly forbidden places. 
3) EDS where s is strongly Observe the rules. 
4) Do not violate the speed limit. 
5) Red light to show maximum effort. 
6) is always remember to wear your seat belt on a cell phone to make calls cruising. 
7) If the roads are prohibited (such as tram route) to enter.
Collateral Other Than Conditions
1 - the driver does not provide a complete accident reports and in the absence of alcohol report
2 - accident driver specified in the contract , except when there is a drive case it
3 - the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the accident cases
 4 - the driver of the vehicle does not have a valid tool to document it in case kulalı
5 - violation of traffic rules and accidents occurring due to excessive speed
- 100% of the drive is defective conditions
7 - accidents occurring outside the period specified in the lease contract and damages
 8 - another vehicle or object that is not moving or taking, pushing , loading and damage during transportation accidents will occur ,
 9 - The vehicle, racing, speed determination, rally trials, motor sports, closed to normal traffic during or unsuitable for use in road accidents, damage will occur during
10 - Traffic rules determined by the number of passengers in any way whatsoever on the passenger and luggage load and non- explosive, flammable substances will occur during transportation accidents and damage
11 - Cigarette and similar flame by the action of the oxidizer without starting a fire burns resulting
12 - will occur in the floor of the vehicle burns and stains
13 - Incorrect tire splitting will occur from the use , disclaimers are out completely from the damage occurred in this case the tenant is responsible .
14 - He is not considered a reference to all acts and omission insurance claims that can not benefit from the partial or no damage that can not be charged to the lessor and the lessee of the vehicle for work without compensation is entitled to subrogation .
my responsibility in the accident
In case of accident insurance companies have implemented two percent of the value of the vehicle exemption amount, which is recognized in the period 
the tenant is obliged to pay this exemption
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