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Airport Rental Cars Antalya

 When traveling, a certain extent of planning is required to ensure a successful vacation. From from flights to hotels and activities, having a game plan is crucial. Transportation is among one of the most important details to consider. One option includes renting a car from the airport. Choosing this option will eliminate having to travel to another location to rent, hailing pricey taxis, or familiarizing yourself with public transportation. Antalya Turkey is one location that makes renting from the airport affordable and accessible to traveling customers.


 Renting a car from the airport saves time and offers a certain amount of convenience. A few things to consider when renting from the airport are their policies and conditions. Be sure to educate yourself on early and late pick up/drop off fees. Believe it or not, some companies will charge upwards of $15 per day for an early drop off of your rental. Renting from an airport may cost more than from a private company, however the convenience may be worth the extra price per day. As always with any rental, be sure to familiarize yourself with the details. Check the gas tank and mileage, (taking picture to remind yourself before drop-off is always helpful), and thoroughly inspect the vehicle for any damages or defects. Taking the time to do so, will ensure less headache in the future.

 Pick- up:

Plan your arrival with the rental car companies. Most rental car companies close at a certain time, make sure you allow time for delays and leave an efficient amount of time to pick up your vehicle. Inform the agents of your flight number, so they know when to expect your arrival.


 You always want to fill your gas tank before dropping off, steer away from gas stations located right next to the airport. Those typically cost twice as much as one a few miles down the road. Also be sure to leave adequate time before your departure flight to go through the drop-off process. Always allow time to park the car in an adjacent lot and walk into the airport (some companies require that you park a ways away). Dropping off the car can take time to wait in line and sign paperwork.

 Vehicles Airport Rental Cars Antalya

 Vehicles will range from compact to sedans and SUVs. Choose the vehicle type that best suits your needs for your particular trip. Compacts can save you money per day and will cost less in gas. However, if you have a large group or large amounts of gear, an SUV or sedan will suit you most comfortably.Research added features that may be attractive to you. Some vehicles come equipped with GPS systems, sunroofs, seat heaters, etc. No matter what your needs, you are sure to find a vehicle that’s right for you.

 Antalya Turkey makes traveling easy and convenient. By offering accessible vehicle rental, you never have to worry yourself with the hassles of renting. Simply arrive, check in, and drive away. Rather than stress or worry, fill your vacation with relaxation, excitement, and adventure. Travel to all the mind-blowing places a vacation destination such as Antalya has to offer. Educate yourself on your different options and drive away confident that you made the best possible choice.

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